Artistic Director / Producer

HOUSE Project (2014-16) set up and trialed a production line for creative industries to build portable housing for homeless women and children, in Melbourne's western suburbs.

The shell of a prototype HOUSE was designed by NMBW Architecture Studio, built at Victoria University’s Building & Construction campus in Sunshine then transported to a public car park in central Footscray where it became the Festival Hub. 36 artworks were staged insitu and a further 33 works were staged across the Festival in response to the theme, "the inner and outer worlds of the HOUSE".

The project engaged creative industries including pre-apprentice students at Victoria University, Monash Art Design and Architecture (MADA), NMBW Architecture Studio, Torafu Architects (Tokyo) and Women's Property Initiatives.

HOUSE Project challenged the dominant premise of 'the arts festival' by offering a cross-sectoral arts model that addressed social issues in public spaces, and generated extraordinary art.

HOUSE Project and ancillary projects were supported by multiple partners and funders including Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation, Henley, Mercy Foundation, Dept of Multicultural Affairs and DHS.

Photos: MADA, Carla Gottgens, artists. Video: Hoang Nguyen